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Security Assessment


Your corporate information and intellectual property are important assets that you want to protect from cyber threats. Developing and maintaining a sound security strategy help you to manage your company's risks associated with network intrusion, data theft, system misuses, privilege abuse, tampering, fraud, or service interruption.





Pacific DataCom Security Assessment Service helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current security posture as well as vulnerabilities to security threats. We make use of the latest threat intelligence and countermeasures to help you stay ahead of current threats and risks and make the right investments to support your organization.



Security assessment is designed to help you:


     *  Enhance your IT security posture

     *  Reduce information security risks

     *  Address high-risk vulnerabilities

     *  Facilitate compliance requirements


Our security consultant assesses your network for potential risks through an analysis and review of your IT infrastructure. We use some of the most sophisticated tools in the industry. Through the assessments, we are able to determine and categorize your present vulnerabilities that can be exploited; furthermore identify and prioritize the most destructive risks.


Web Security Assessment

Identify high risk applications & analysis web usages; recommend remediation to prevent widespread of malware and virusesinfection across the organization; educate your end users about unsafe practices.


Intrusions & Attacks Incidents

Identify and categorize intrusion prevention-related incidents according to their level of severity; uncover CIFS worms and directory attacks; identify Denial of Service vulnerabilities.


Bots & Viruses Activities

Identify any infected hosts involved in malicious activities; report Malware (Bots and Viruses) found; categorize their level of severity and summarize their number of incidents happened.


Data Loss Incidents

Identify data loss activities and the number of times that the specific type of incidents occurred for different data types; categorize each data loss activity according to different level of criticality; identify mail senders on your network who may cause data leakage.


Bandwidth Analysis & Utilization

Identify applications and websites used within your network and their bandwidth usage; report any employees used significant corporate network resources for non-work activities.


Asset Inventory

Our advanced IP scanning tool helps you review your real-time IP/MAC inventory status; identify any unauthorized devices you were not aware of which are attached to your network.